Escort Max ll HD Radar Detector

Escort Max ll HD Radar Detector



Max II has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.
All-new receiver incorporates advanced military technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
New Multi-Color OLED Display.
The Passport Max II can be set up for your specific type of driving and personal preference.



Escort Passport Max2 Detector Review
Overview of the Escort Passport Max2
The main benefits of the Escort Passport Max2 are:

Programmed with Escort’s newest digital signal processing algorithm (DSP)
Over 8-times the range of a police radar gun
The ability to filter out many of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars today
GPS equipped – Fixed photo enforcement database, false alert filtering, auto sensitivity
Bluetooth equipped enabling access to the Escort Live community
High definition OLED display
Online firmware and database updates
Clear digital voice alerts in English and Spanish
Newest All Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Algorithm
When investing in a radar detector two of your biggest concerns is the detector’s ability to sniff out real police radar threats and its ability to filter out false alerts, here is why.

Police departments across the world are now in the process of updating their equipment to the new, low power battery operated hand held digital radar guns.
All of these types of radar guns are instant on, meaning that they do NOT transmit any radar signal until the officer has a target vehicle in sight and presses the trigger.
Because of this when you select your radar detector, an important consideration is its ability to detect instant on miles away.

“Escort Passport Max2 uses a new type of digital signal processing (DSP), which can reduce false alarms from some non-police-radar sources. Think of DSP as a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones for radar reporting. By reliably identifying noise, the Max can focus on real police-radar threats, leading to faster and more accurate warnings.” - Car and Driver Magazine
Then another problem, the anti-collision sensors that are being installed in most new cars today.
These sensors operate on the same K-Band frequency that police use and because of this most radar detectors constantly false alert.
Because of this Escort developed a new all-digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm for their Escort Passport Max and Escort Passport Max2 detectors.
This enables the Escort Passport Max2 to sniff out and alert to these low power radar guns at over 8 times their capture distance, while also having the ability to block out many of those annoying false alerts.

GPS Equipped
Both the Passport Max and Passport Max2 are GPS equipped and includes Escort’s Defender database, which enables the Max/Max2 to:

Alert you as you approach fixed photo enforcement cameras
Alert you as you approach known speed trap locations
Filter out know false alert locations based upon the exact frequency and location
Automatically adjust the sensitivity, based upon your speed
Ability to add your own hot spot locations with the press of a button
Escort Defender Database
Your Escort Passport Max2 is preloaded with Escort’s Defender Database, which is the most accurate photo enforcement database for North America.

This enables your Escort Passport Max2 to alert you in advanced of fixed photo enforcement cameras and known speed trap locations as you approach.

And updating the data on your detector online is a snap through the Escort Tools program available for both PC’s and Apple commuters.

Your purchase includes a free, 3-month subscription for Defender database updates and is only $19.95 a year or $39.95 for three years if you decide to renew your subscription.

Escort Live Equipped
The biggest break through this decade in the speed counter measurement community is the ability for your radar detector to share historical and real time data with accuracy, with other radar detectors in the cloud.

The Escort Passport Max2 has an internal Bluetooth chip set, which enables it to connect to the Escort Live community through your iPhone and/or Android smartphone.

This enables your Max2 to:
Alert you of real time police spotted alerts
Alert you of real time radar and laser speed traps in your area
Alert you of historical speed trap locations including aircraft enforcement locations
Alert you of fixed photo enforcement camera locations
Enables you to program the advanced features of your detector through your smart phone

Your Max2 will include a free, 1-year subscription valued at $49 when purchased through our website.

High Definition OLED Display
The Escort Passport Max/Max2 has a programmable easy to read multicolored OLED display, which includes intuitive icons, to make it easy to identify threats.

Additional display features include:

Cruise Alert – warning you when you’re exceeding the posted speed limit
Bar Graph – identifying the signal strength of the threat
Expert Meter – identifies up to 8 multiple alerts with signal strength at once
SpecDisplay – identifies the actual numeric frequency of the radar signal
5 levels of brightness including full dark mode
Clear Audible Voice Alerts English/Spanish
The Passport Max/Max2 has easy to understand voice alerts, which warns you in either English or Spanish of approaching threats, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road and not on your detector.

User Preferences Programming
You can access the advanced programming features of your Max2 either by pressing the buttons on your detector, or though your smartphone enabling you to:

Sensitivity – City, Highway, Auto, AutoNoX
Language – Spanish/English
Color of OLED display
GPS speed display
Cruise alert speed settings
Overspeed setting
Display meter options
Audible tones
Automute – On/Off
AutoLearn – On/Off
Voice – On/Off
GPS – On/Off
Auto Power Settings
Radar/Laser Bands
Mark and/or clear locations
NEW - Magnetic Case and Mount
Escort developed the Max/Max2 cases to be interchangeable so you could easily change your case with another by simply pressing in the side of the case.

However this caused some problems in that some of their earlier models would come apart.

Escort addressed this issue in July of 2015 by updating their case and mounting system with a new magnetic feature.

Because of the volume of the detectors we sell each day you can be assured that the Max/Max2 you purchase from RadarBusters will have this new magnetic case feature.

Included Accessories
Your Max2 comes shipped with everything you need including:

NEW Magnet Mount Sticky Cup
12 volt smart cord
Travel Case
Getting Started Guide instruction booklet

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