Cobra Electronics RAD350 Rad 250 (Black) Radar and Laser Detector

Cobra Electronics RAD350 Rad 250 (Black) Radar and Laser Detector



Radar/laser protection - detects all Radar signals (x, K and ka bands signal strength indicated), laser and vg-2 signals.
Instant-on ready - detects Radar Guns with “instant-on” (very fast) speed monitoring capabilities.
Ivt filter - automatically reduces false alerts from erroneous in-vehicle technology sources such as vehicle collision avoidance systems and traffic flow monitoring devices.



Stay informed of threats around you with the Cobra RAD 350 radar and laser detector! The RAD350 detects all radar, laser and VG-2 signals currently in use. It has LaserEye® technology to provide both front and rear protection from all types of laser.

The RAD 350 has anti-falsing circuitry built right in to automatically reduce false alerts from automatic door openers and other fixed position sources. Its IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) filter reduces false alerts from adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems to keep it real.

The RAD 350 has a bright color display with intuitive icons and unique audio tones for band ID and signal strength to keep alerts easy-to-read and understand. The display can be dimmed and the tones muted so you can adjust for visual or audible only alerts while on the road.

The Cobra RAD 350 includes DC power cord, windshield mount, owner's manual and a one year manufacturer warranty.

Cobra RAD 350 Features
X, K, Ka, and Detection
Front and rear protection against all types of laser
Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
VG-2 Alert
City and Highway Modes
Anti-Falsing Circuitry
Adjustable Sensitivity
IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) Filter
Easy-To-Read Icon Display
Digital Signal Strength Meter
Tone Alerts
Audio Only Mode
Visual Only Mode
Auto and Manual Muting
Dim Mode
Volume Control
One Year Manufacturer Warranty
Included with the Cobra RAD 350
Cobra RAD 350 Radar and Laser Detector
Power Cord
Windshield Mount
Owner's Manual
Cobra RAD 350 Specifications
Dimensions: 4.12” H x 2.64” W x 1.35” D (104.6 mm x 67 mm x 34.2 mm)
Weight: 10.9 oz. (286 g.)

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