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Whistler 5075EXS Laser...

299,00 $US Prix

The Whistler 5075EXS Laser Radar Detector w /Internal GPS puts big performance in a little unit. This top model in Whistler's Elite Series packs a high gain lens, X, K and Ka SuperWideBand detection, 360° Maxx coverage and POP mode detection into tiny detector you can fit in your shirt pocket!

Whistler CR65 High...

159,00 $US Prix

Provides 360 degrees of complete perimeter protection, detecting signals from the front, sides, and rear
Detects X band, K band, Super Wideband Ka, and total laser protection including Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally, and LTI TruSpeed S
Features POP Mode, an advanced speed detection capability that responds to brief bursts of radar
Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)

Whistler CR90 High...

299,00 $US Prix

The Whistler CR90 is a fully featured high end dash model laser-radar detector. The CR90 has a built-in GPS database to alert you to speed and red light traffic camera locations in the US and Canada and is updatable via USB. This high performance radar detector has too many features to list but does include increased Ka sensitivity and advanced false alert reduction via TFSR and filter modes.